Introducing the latest vehicle to join the RJC fleet, the Hookloader truck!

Hookloader available

The Hookloader truck, also known as a hooklift truck or roll-off truck, is a type of specialised
vehicle designed with a hydraulic hooklift arm. It allows truck operators to pick up, load, and
unload containers or bins onto the truck bed without the need for a separate crane or
forklift. We are pleased to add a new hookloader to the RJC fleet, available for hire across Yorkshire.

Hookloaders are extremely versatile and can be used across various industries that require
efficient and flexible transportation of materials and the handling of different types of

Uses of a Hookloader

The Hookloader truck has joined the fleet of RJC vehicles to aid with:

  • Waste Management: by transporting roll-off containers or dumpsters to collect
    various types of waste, such as household waste, construction debris, recycling
    materials, and more.
  • Construction Sites: Transferring construction materials, equipment, and debris. They can quickly load and unload containers carrying building supplies, demolition debris, and other construction-related materials.
  • Landscaping and Green Waste: Transporting containers filled with organic waste,
    yard trimmings, branches, and other green waste from landscaping and gardening
  • Industrial Applications: Hookloaders can move various industrial materials, such as
    raw materials, finished products, and equipment, between different locations within
    a manufacturing or industrial facility.
  • Disaster and Emergency Response: In emergency situations or disaster relief efforts,
    hookloaders can quickly transport essential supplies and equipment to affected

RJC Hookloader

Hookloader trucks adaptability makes them a popular choice for a vast range of industries.
They offer several advantages, including efficient use of space, reduced labour
requirements, and the ability to easily switch between different types of tasks and
transporting various materials.

Booking a hookloader

If you require a Hookloader for your commercial and industrial works across Yorkshire,
please get in touch today for a competitive quote, by emailing the RJC Team: or you can call us on 07563 244913.

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