Meet the RJC team – Liam K

Liam Ketteridge

 As the RJC business continues to grow, we’re pleased to welcome another new member to the team. Liam Ketteridge is the latest new starter to join the crew as a tipper driver/road sweeper.

Welcome Liam! Can you tell us abit about yourself?

Hi, I’m Liam, 26 – I live in Tadcaster and have a daughter. Prior to joining RJC I delivered beer for Tradeteam.

Why did you want to join RJC? 

I wanted to join RJC as I’d heard really positive things from friends and other colleagues, and they seemed like a good, local business.

How was your lockdown experience?  

My lockdown was ok to be fair and see myself as one of the more fortunate ones. Over lockdown, like many people I ended up doing a lot of gardening!

 RJC is a proud Yorkshire company. What do you love most about the place we call home? 

The thing I love most about this country is the scenery and how friendly most people are wherever you go in Yorkshire.

Although you’ve not been at RJC long, what does a typical day look like for you? 

 My typical day includes getting to the yard, doing my checks and making my way over to Leeds to the council yard to collect my trailer. I then get over to wherever I am planned to work for the day. When I’m finished, I’ll make my way back and head out in the sweeper if needed. The days go so quickly! 

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