Preparing for your winter garden renovations

Garden renovations

Being out in the garden in the cold, wind and rain might not be everyone’s idea of a good time, but winter is actually a prime opportunity to get that garden, driveway or building renovation under way.

Over half the country decided to improve their homes in one form or another last year. Nearly half of us (47%) were preparing to transform our gardens in 2021, so making use of the winter months makes sense when it comes to planning best use of time and resource.

RJC work with lots of builders and landscapers providing muck away services, grab hire, aggregates and tipper hire throughout the winter months. Although colder weather and frost can affect brickwork and cement, and it does get darker earlier, there’s still lots that can be done between the months of November and February with plenty of preparation and the right equipment.

So why is winter a good time to get busy in the garden?


  • You can get work down when least likely to want to use the garden

When the work is done in the winter months, you’ll have the benefit of the job being completed in time for the Spring and Summer when you’re likely to make the most of your renovations.

  • Any drainage problems are identified quickly

With the wet weather any issues with drainage are likely to present themselves much more quickly which means they can be rectified in plenty of time.

  • Less disruptive to neighbours

Working during the winter months outdoors means that most people will be warm and cosy inside. Therefore any works are less likely to disturb your neighbours sunbathing or BBQ time. Plus another benefit is less dust during the winter than when working in dry, warm conditions.

  • Most trees and plants are dormant over winter months so less likely to be disturbed

When undertaking landscaping works, established plants may need to be moved so doing so during winter, when most foliage is dormant will mean it’s likely to survive the move.

  • Contractor availability

Although we’re busy all year-round providing grab hire, muck away and road sweeping services, you might find contractors have a bit more availability over the winter months so can be a good opportunity to get booked in and have your job completed as soon as possible.


So, if you’re considering a new landscaping project, driveway or building renovation and previously discounted winter, have a rethink on how it could work for you. If you’re able to add in contingency time in case the weather turns particularly bad and are prepared for any unexpected delays, winter could be a great time to get those renovations underway.

If you’re needing aggregates, muck away, grab hire or tipper hire over the winter months, get in touch at or call us on 07824 426776/ 07710 473526.

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