What can we take away when we muck away?

Although the UK construction industry has come a long way when it comes to recycling and reusing, the industry still produces a staggering 100 million tonnes of waste ever year. Whether a large-scale project, home improvement or demolition job there is guaranteed to be a large amount of waste produced. Using a grab lorry handler not only means your waste is removed quickly and safely but its recycled as much as possible.

Here’s all you need to know about the types of waste material our grab lorries can handle:


One of the most common materials our grab lorries dispose of is demolition waste. This is waste debris from the destruction of buildings, roads, bridges or other structures. It varies in its composition but its main component is concrete. Most concrete waste can be reused or recycled to make things like gravel for road construction projects or landscaping products. Our grab hire lorries can remove concrete blocks, paving slaps, broken concrete and rubble.

Earth and topsoil

Recyclable waste such as earth and topsoil can be collected as long as it’s carefully separated from any inert materials such as chalk or clay and vice versa. RJC can also provide topsoil and other aggregates which can be dropped off at the same time as collecting your muck away, saving time and money.


Tarmac from road construction jobs can be collected but this must be separated from any other materials, if you have a lot of tarmac to remove it may be best to organise a ‘tarmac only’ muck away solution.

But what waste can’t be removed by muck away?

Some waste is just too toxic to be put into landfills and requires special disposal services to remove it.

One that most toxic materials  people are aware of is Asbestos, a hazardous material that has legal ramifications if it is recycled incorrectly. Asbestos poses serious threats to public health and so requires careful management and correct disposal.

A common household waste product that’s difficult to dispose of are batteries. Whether it’s AA batteries from your television remote, out your laptop or even car batteries, they can cause serious health issues if damaged and so can’t just be thrown out with the rubbish.

But remember…

As a waste producer it is your duty to classify your waste. If you do have any waste classed as hazardous you must separate it from the non-hazardous and ensure this is kept secure and away from other waste streams on site.

Ensuring your waste is collected and disposed of by a certified, credible company is also essential. You can be liable for a fine if you have your waste collected by someone who does not have the correct license and disposes of it illegally.

For professional, licensed muck away service, contact the team at RJC Plant Services. We provide grab hire services across North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire and the M62 corridor.

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