Driveway design inspiration

driveway inspiration

With the rule of 6 re-introduced this month, our gardens are once again the hub for all social interaction, with a well-landscaped driveway providing the perfect entrance.

Here at RJC, we support a range of landscaping businesses by providing top-class aggregates and professional grab hire.

With no better time to start, we’ve shared our top trends to give you some driveway design inspiration to ensure your driveway has first-class curb appeal and offers an alternative to the usual tarmac style.

Driveway and paving trends 

Porcelain Paving:

Due to modifications in manufacturing Porcelain now has many benefits for outdoor use. The tiles are scratch-resistant, frost resistant and, as they are made from natural materials, are less prone to cracking. They make the perfect choice for families with children and pets as their low maintenance means they can simply be wiped with soapy water to clean. Although they are more expensive than ceramic tiles, they are more durable making them ideal for patios and driveways.

porcelain Lit driveway

In-Laid Lighting:

Having a well-lit driveway or patio not only lends some ambience but provides a degree of safety. There is a range of different options to consider from traditional electric lighting to trendy LED’s or solar. Perhaps a few hanging lanterns or well-placed spotlights are all that is needed to give your driveway a lift. Whatever the option, consider the function you want your lighting to play, for example, electric is more durable and provides greater illumination, but is also more expensive and require the most up keep.

Natural Stone:

Natural stone is a great choice as it is available in a wide range of colours, sizes and materials, giving it the scope to create anything from minimal to fancy designs. Despite this, keep in mind that a thickness of at least 2 inches is needed to support frequent foot traffic and all weather conditions. Opt for Stones that are flat and have a natural-cleft service that provides some grip, opposed to round cobblestones or polished flagstones as these can be slick when wet.

Things to consider for your driveway renovation project 

Choosing materials can be a minefield with so many options and price points, but having a budget and a rough idea of square footage is a good starting point. Don’t be afraid to shop around for quotes for the best price and fit for your work.

However, whether it’s resurfacing a driveway or a full garden renovation, it’s important to use a reputable company for any works. Unfortunately, as reported by BBC, some rogue traders take advantage and end up costing you more money in the long run.

A few of the companies we supply grab hire and aggregates to including:

With that in mind, a good quality driveway can add between 5-10% to your home depending on the area and overall value of your home, meaning when done right it is worth the investment.

For a competitive quote on our quality topsoil or grab-hire please get in touch by contacting the RJC Team at or calling 07824 426776 or 07710 473526

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