Flood Damage Clean Up

If you live in and around Yorkshire, you’ll be aware that with the many rivers, waterways, and low-lying moors, flooding is an unfortunate reality for many across the region.

When floodplains are overwhelmed following heavy rain and the surrounding rivers and estuaries reach overflowing levels, the consequences can be dire. 

Did you know?

One in 6 properties in England (around 5.2 million properties) at risk of flooding from rivers or the sea, one million of which are also at risk of surface water flooding. (Environment Agency)

Clearing up after flooding

Once the water has dispersed, the damage left is not only unsightly, but can pose health and safety risks, and impact the local environment and businesses.

The team at RJC provide flood clear up services to help domestic and commercial clients, as well as local authorities to remove waste left from flood damage to make areas safe and tidy.  

From impassable roads to inaccessible car parks, using our specialist fleet of Euro6 sweepers and grab wagons we make quick work of reinstating the status quo and giving the areas a good clean bill of health.

Reporting Flooding

Depending on the type of flooding there are different organisations to report it to as detailed on the Government website.

  • Sewers and Burst mains

If you see a blocked sewer or burst water mains, contact the local water company.

  • Drains or flooded Roads

Contact your local council to report public drains or flooded roads.

  • Private drains

Floods caused by private drains are the responsibility of the property owner.

  • Groundwater flooding

Report groundwater flooding which is caused by water rising up through the ground to your local council.

  • River and sea flooding

For any river and sea flooding you must call the Environment Agency to report.

Get in touch for flood clearance in Yorkshire 

With a professional, qualified rapid response team, RJC can provide flood damage road cleaning & restoration services.

Get in touch for a quote and availability.

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