Giving Back with Random Act of Kindness 2023

Woodhaven cattery rescue

As a business it is really important to us to give back and play an active role in our community.

Yes, we’re a plant services company that offers grab hire, road sweepers, and aggregates; we continuously aim to provide top level service and being a good employer. We want to be known as the best in the business, and that is what our day-to-day work is focused on.

However, we also see our role as something bigger. We want to use our position to give back and help those in need or deserving of recognition where we can.

Our Social Responsibility

From the get-go we’re supported local sports groups and charity events, but over recent years we’ve made a real conscious effort to factor in key times of the year to acknowledge and support good causes and people doing great things.

One occasion is Random Act of Kindness Day which takes place on 17th February every year.

In February 2021, we wanted to do something for the elderly residents of our local community. After the onslaught of the Covid pandemic and lockdowns, these people had experienced loneliness and isolation . We teamed up with Sherburn Visiting Scheme to distribute 50 afternoon teas to local resident as a surprise. The reaction was priceless.

In February 2022, we wanted to acknowledge the great work the local teaching staff at the village primary school had done over the last two years. The school had remained open throughout the pandemic and the staff had done an amazing job supporting children and families. We surprised the teaching staff with a little party of cakes and treats to say thank you and more than a few tears were shed.

And so in February 2023, we decided to spread the love a little further and chose three recipients to receive a little treat and thankyou from us. Woodhaven Kennels and Cattery were given a supply of dog food to help feed their furry friends, local resident Karen was handed a beautiful bouquet of flowers to say thank you for being such an active and caring local resident, and Helen and Joe were gifted a voucher to enjoy a meal on us at the village White Horse pub as a thank you for their generosity in homing a Ukrainian family following the conflict.

Our way thank you

These random acts of kindness aren’t much, but our little way of saying a thank you – and that someone is noticing what you do and to keep up the great work. We can only have happy, caring communities if we have people like them who care, volunteer, and do good things to help others.

If what we do as an organization inspires other businesses or just puts a smile on someone’s face, then we’re happy. Business can and should be used as a force for good.




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