Meet the team – Sam


As part of our series introducing the members of the RJC team and those who support the business to provide grab hire, road sweeping, aggregates and tipper hire across Yorkshire, we are introducing another one of our new starters who joined the business towards the end of last year.

Here’s a bit more about our latest team addition, Sam Swan.

What’s your role and how long have you been part of the RJC Team?
I am a road sweeper driver and joined RJC in December 2020

What did you do before joining RJC?
Prior to joining the RJC team I was a delivery driver for Samuel Smith’s Brewery based in Tadcaster. I worked with Liam, who also joined RJC at the same time as me.

• What does a typical day look like for you?
I usually start the day between 6-8am. This time of year, the roads are really clogged with muck and dirt so often we’re needed to clear them away to make them safe and passable. I’m often visiting construction sites and farms, helping keep roads clean and safe! Whilst I’m driving in the truck, you’ll find me listening to BBC Radio 2 enjoying all the classic tunes.

• Why did you want to join RJC?
I’d heard it was a well-run, professional company and since joining the business that has proven to be the case! I’m really enjoying it.

• How has your lockdown experience been?
After almost a year of lockdown, I’m more than ready for life to get back to normal. During the first lockdown, like many people I started a garden project and built a pond with my brother-in-law which is now filled with carp.

RJC is a proud Yorkshire company, what do you love most about living/working in the county?

I am a very proud Yorkshireman too and live in Sherburn in Elmet with my partner, Diane. I enjoy fish and chips at Scarborough, a pint of Sam Smiths and going to watch Leeds United. Simple, happy pleasures.

• Your hidden talent is…

I enjoy fishing and cycling, although not so sure if I’m talented at them!

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