Road Sweeper Hire: Keeping Yorkshire’s Streets Clean and Safe

RJC Euro 6 Sweeper

According to the UK’s Department for Transport, in 2021, 25.4 billion vehicle miles of traffic were travelled across the 20 thousand miles of roads in Yorkshire and The Humber! (

It is essential these Yorkshire roads remain safe, clean and drivable for millions of motorists, members of the public and businesses that make use of them every day.

RJC Plant Services is a trusted supplier in providing support to a number of local authorities, construction firms, farmers, commercial and industrial organisations, with our prestigious road sweeping fleet. Whether it’s a one-off job, short-term or ongoing contract, we are certified and experienced road sweeper drivers, providing professional road sweeping services across Yorkshire and the M62 corridor.

What types of roads do you sweep?

From motorways to local roads and private car parks and land, all our road sweeping vehicles are satellite tracked, ensuring we can allocate our nearest available resource to reduce response times and our carbon footprint.

How do road sweepers work?

Whether it is an emergency clean-up operation or regular maintenance, our road sweepers are dual sweep machines which gives us the option of sweeping at either side and they have wire brushes to remove stubborn ground in dirt. Water is applied to the road to dampen the dust to reduce pollution.

What are the benefits of Road Sweeping?

Road sweepers are viewed as an essential piece of machinery for many construction companies and local authorities. Despite their slow speed, road users appreciate the need to keep our roads safe and useable.

Benefits of Road Sweeping

  • Wildlife

Litter can be life-threatening for wildlife. The RSPCA receiving an average of 7,500 calls a year about litter-related incidents. Road sweeping will remove discarded rubbish and fly tipping at the roadside, protecting unsuspecting animals from the waste.

  • Flood Prevention

When roadside guttering becomes clogged with rubbish or soil, it can affect the drainage and access to the sewers. This leads to overspill impacting nearby fields, homes and wildlife. Flooding on the roads is not only dangerous for motorists, it can also be detrimental to the environment.

  • Property Values

Regular road sweepers in a residential area will likely make homes more desirable to potential buyers and increase property prices. A report showed that if you live in a neighbourhood with litter, it can reduce your property price by up to 12%.

  • Reducing Breakdowns

Shards of glass, stray screws or debris are common causes for blown or damaged tyres and car breakdowns. By ensuring regular use of road sweepers, it can reduce accidents on our busy roads.

  • What do you do with the waste?

Waste collected via road sweepers should only be disposed at sites that are authorised to receive that type of waste. RJC have the correct licenses and certification to ensure the correct disposal of all waste. We also seek to recover reusable materials and minimise waste going to landfill.

  • How do I hire a road sweeper?

When you book a road sweeping service we will enquire where the job is, the type of debris to be cleared and an idea of quantity to clean. RJC have a 100% record of attendance, we’re committed to providing top-level service to all our clients.

Yorkshire Road Sweeper Hire

We hire out road sweeping services across the Yorkshire district including Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield, Harrogate, York, Sheffield.  For a competitive quote on your road sweeper request, please get in touch and hire a road sweeper today by contacting the RJC Team.

Get in touch today by emailing: or you can call us on: 07563 244913 to book.

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