What happens to your waste when RJC collect it?

waste collection

When RJC collect your waste and muck away with our grab hire service, the aim is to avoid sending as much as we can to landfill.

The types of waste we collect include:

  • Tarmac, rubble, bricks, concrete (building and driveway waste, flood damage)
  • Garden waste, soil (landscaping works)
  • Fly-tipped waste

This muck away can be placed into three categories: inert, hazardous and non-hazardous.

  • Inert covers the earthworks like the rubble, bricks and garden waste that hasn’t gone through any chemical, physical or biological changes.
  • Non-hazardous is the waste that does not cause harm to people or the environment.
  • Hazardous waste is that deemed toxic human health and the environment.

As waste management specialists we cover the storage, collection, transportation, and disposal of waste, all whilst monitoring and regulating that process.

As a certified waste carrier, we have the correct permissions and experience to remove the waste and dispose of it correctly and safely. This provides customers the assurances needed regarding ethical disposal, safe handling, and machinery practices.

Not using a certified waste carrier can be extremely costly to you as we explain in our blog on legal waste collection, with fines of up to £50,000 incurred for illegal waste disposal.

Recycling and landfill

Our first and preferred response is always to recycle and reuse the waste we collect. Any waste we cannot reuse ourselves is taken to a specialist recycle centre.

With over 15 million tonnes of rubbish sent to landfill EVERY DAY in the UK, the impact on our environment is huge with greenhouse cases and toxic liquids created as the waste breaks down.

By recycling products that would have otherwise been dumped at landfill, it helps to protect the environment as well as ecosystems and wildlife.

Recycling also helps to conserve natural resources, reduce demand for raw materials and save energy.

Arranging waste collection

The Euro6 Grab wagons that make up our waste collection fleet are also low emission, supporting our ongoing aim to reduce our carbon footprint and support local authority green plans.

We know there can be lots of rubble and rubbish created when undertaking building and landscaping works. Our grab hire is a great alternative to skip hire as it keeps areas clear and efficiently removes waste from site as it builds up.

We provide grab hire and muck away services across North Yorkshire and West Yorkshire including the areas around York, Leeds, Bradford, Harrogate, Tadcaster and Pontefract.

For further details on our grab hire and muck away services, get in touch or email rjcplantservices@gmail.com


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