Can we take your muck away?

Muck Away

Muck away is the clearing and removing of waste from a construction site or landscaping project. Our muck away services involve our grab wagons collecting the waste ready for it to be disposed, re-used or recycled. This is usually done at the start of a project to remove all unwanted materials produced from excavation and initial ground works of a project.

The types of Muck Away

Muck away can be classified into 2 types: Non-Hazardous and Hazardous. This is based on its physical properties and the threat it poses to life and the environment. These classifications are essential as they will determine how and where the waste will be dealt with.

  • Non-Hazardous Muck Away

Inert muck away is any material that is neutral to the environment and human health – it is not chemically or biologically reactive and does not decompose. Because of this it can be disposed of in landfill safely, however this takes up a lot of space. The majority of inert waste can be re-used or recycled and so we dispose of the removed waste materials at registered recycle centres avoiding landfill sites where we can. This is something we are passionate about here at RJC and always try to avoid taking any muck away to landfill where possible.

  • Hazardous Muck Away

Hazardous muck away is any material that is detrimental to human or environmental health. This includes materials such as asbestos, chemicals and invasive plants such as Japanese knot weed. Hazardous waste removal must follow strict Duty of Care regulations to ensure public safety. Those collecting the hazardous waste must have appropriate an appropriate license and be experienced in the safe removal of the muck away.  

Non-Hazardous and Hazardous waste cannot be cross contaminated, which can be difficult if you are planning on manually loading skips on site. Using our muck away service means our team can quickly remove material from the site with a dedicated grab or tipper lorry ensuring waste regulations are followed as well as saving you time and money.

The price of your muck away service is generally per load removed, and per tonne for the delivery of any materials. All our drivers are fully insured and certified, giving you confidence and reassurance, all waste materials are removed legally and professionally.

RJC Plant Services is a Yorkshire based company supporting landscaping services, driveway renovators, building and property development contractors and local authorities with their muck away needs. We provide muck away services in York, Leeds, Hull, Sheffield, Bradford and Wakefield to name a few locations.

Please get in touch for further details on our hassle-free, cost effective grab hire and muck away services to find out how we can help you.

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