The Benefits of Tipper and Grab Hire

Grab Hire

Waste is an unavoidable biproduct of any construction job, big or small and needs to be disposed of correctly. Whether it’s a new driveway, extension or large scale construction project, unwanted debris must be removed safely and effectively.

There are lots of benefits of tipper and grab hire because they are great waste removal vehicles. They have the facilities to cater for different amounts of material much more than the average skip. But is there a reason to opt for one over the other?

 The advantages of hiring a grab wagon include:

  • Being agile enough to navigate urban roads and can access hard to reach places.
  • Can be used on sites with limited access.
  • They can grab waste easily from the site.
  • They’re able deliver products and remove waste from a site in one journey combining two jobs in one, saving time and money.

There is an initial outlay cost of hiring a grab truck and depending on the amount you are transporting or collecting, a tipper could be a better option.

The advantages of tipper hire include:

  • They can be a cost effective aggregate delivery method
  • They have a larger carrying capacity than similar size grab lorries.
  • They’re able deliver products and remove waste from a site in one journey.

Tipper trucks do require a large space to operate and they can only be loaded on site if the appropriate machinery is provided.

Whether the best option is grab hire or tipper hire is down to the job at hand. If you’re working on a domestic job or a small site a grab lorry is agile enough to navigate urban roads and small enough to fit on most sites. The lorry can easily park at the side of the road and collect the waste quickly without the need for a permit. If you’re working on a big commercial site that requires large quantities of aggregates to be delivered tipper hire comes in no.1.

However whether it’s a tipper or grab wagon that’s right for your job, both vehicles are highly beneficial for construction projects dramatically reducing building project costs, labour and time.

It’s important that anyone who is instructed to supply grab or tipper hire has the appropriate certification and license to operate them safely, like we have here at RJC.

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RJC Plant Services have been providing grab hire and tipper services across Yorkshire and the M62 corridor for over 6 years for trade and domestic use. All our drivers are certified and insured and we take pride in our professional and reliable service.

With same day service availability, we can be available on site within 24 hours.
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